A few months ago we were already reporting that in addition to the T101MT, we expected a multi-touch version of the Asus Eee PC T91 to be produced soon. Problems with the high demand for the T91 created a great shortage in inventory in the last few months. ASUS has upped its production and stocks seem to have been re-supplied now at Amazon. A week ago, pre-ordering started and now finally the T91MT has arrived along with the new batch of T91‘s.

The ASUS Eee PC T91MT runs Windows 7, which is almost completely designed for touch-screen devices. Like its sibling the T91, it holds a 1.33 Ghz Intel Atom Z520 processor with 1GB of RAM. For more, read the T91MT specifications. Unlike some reports in the blogosphere, the T91MT does NOT have a pressure sensitive screen but does have palm rejection. Palm rejections means the device does not accept the touch of your handpalm as a touch input but it does accept the stylus and your seperate fingers as input. This makes it possible to use the T91MT as a notepad.